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Monday, April 03, 2006

Daylight Savings

Namibia has just 'fallen back' in daylight savings. It's a strange feeling now that it gets dark so much earlier. I think it will take a little getting used to, because in my mind, summer should be on the way!

Things are going pretty well here in Swakopmund. My music class with MYO is rocking out, and I'm getting to know the learners more and more each week. It's been hard to remember names and faces, simply because I only see them once a week and there are *70* of them!! whew! We are about to embark on a musical journey, as we seek out ways to build and make our own instruments. I am really excited about this project and am eager to find out what we will come up with!!

Term 1 of the year is winding down, and it is certainly quiet at the TRC. School is over as of next Thursday, and with any school in the world, the learners and teachers are going a little stir crazy! We are all ready for our break, which will be almost a month long!

My plans so far are to go visit my host family and friends in Omaruru before I head to Windhoek for Peace Corps training (called re-connect). I am also planning a little travel after the 2 weeks with PC. Check back in and find out where I'll be heading :)

Yay mommy!!!! you ROCK!


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