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Monday, November 06, 2006

A birthday surprise!

The MYO kids are some of the best kids I've ever worked with. They are funny, smart, and full of life. They constantly make me laugh and appreciate my time working here in Namibia.

On Friday, I went into the office of MYO very early before my music class. Shannon and I had just finished up our week of evaluations, where we taught a lesson to every grade 3 class to choose the new kids for next year. I was taking a moment to breathe and to plan out my lesson. (There were going to be several visitors stopping by my class that afternoon, so I wanted to spend some time preparing a nice lesson). Of course, a zillion kids are at MYO by 12 noon, even though the class doesn't start until 2pm. I was really tired and felt a little stressed about planning with 30 kids in and out of the office. Shannon informed me that there was some type of meeting in my classroom up until 2pm (that's strange....I thought).

There were about 5 grade 4's sitting around me, playing with my hair and talking to me. All of a sudden on blurts out "Miss, the grade 5's are planning a party for you! I see them in your room now!"

I go to the closed classroom door and hear 25 voices shouting at each other. I don't open the door because there is a hand written sign "All grade 4's and 6's keep out!!!!"
What in the world is going on!?
At 1:30pm, I decide to bust up into the class to set everything up and........
The grade 5's did plan a surprise party for me!!!! There were balloons, gift bags, tablecloths, 4 handmade posters, handmade cards, cookies, cooldrinks, namecards, and placemats. It was the most thoughtful party....Shannon said they planned it all themselves, bought all the decorations and food and arranged the room just for ME!!! I even had a handmade "princess" crown to wear. It was adorable! Once I sat down, they each got up and read speeches for me wishing me a Happy Birthday and telling me how much they appreciate the music class. It was so special.
Appearantly everyone and their mom new about it. Thanks Shannon, Becca, Caitlin and Barverly for keeping it a secret. I won't hold it against little Emelia in grade 4 for telling me though!!


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