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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Life is great, despite......

Ok, so I've been through this all before, but now it's just annoying. I've been invaded by bedbugs and ringworm for the 2nd time this year. After washing everything I own and setting off a "Doom" bomb (1 nuclear off from an atomic bomb), I think I've handled the situation. Tis the life of a PCV.

I've got a few friends heading to Swank-town this weekend for a marathon. I'll be waiting at the finish line...most likely with a beer in hand as I watch all the runners go by.

My mom just wrote me to tell me she saw a program on the Discovery Channel called Mom's on the Road: Africa. If you caught it, they were in Swakopmund and also went up to a Himba village. Check out the link I found:


I'm looking forward to celebrating my birthday here on the 30th....the big 28, but I'm even more excited to come home in less than 8 weeks!!!! It's almost been 1 year since I landed in Nam. The new Peace Corps group will be here soon: Nam26! Time is a flying!


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