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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My friend Eric and I at his homestead outside of Oshakati. Posted by Picasa

Becca and I performing at open mic at the Village Cafe here in Swakopmund. Rock. Posted by Picasa

More "lalalalalalalala" and shaking of their horsetail thingys. Those Meme's were going crazy on us. Posted by Picasa

And they don't stop. Posted by Picasa

Lot's of "lalalalalalalalalalala"  Posted by Picasa

This wedding had more bridesmaids than my friend Gina. (haha! love you Gina!) Seriously, there were about 30 of them decked out in the lime green explosion, including my friend Kassandra. Posted by Picasa

Wedding Crashers '06. Here I am riding in the back of a bakkie to a wedding deep in the bush of Owamboland. I had never met the bride and groom in my life. Good thing I was in 20% of the wedding pictures! How does that happen?? Posted by Picasa

Epupa Falls! It took us about 3 hours on this crazy dirt road to get up there, but it was worth it. These pictures don't do it justice! The other side of the river is Angola. Posted by Picasa

Himba girls - they wear their hair in 2 braids down the front. They were very curious about us and LOVED having their picture taken. Posted by Picasa

There were many Himba women and men in the OK Grocery store in Opuwo. It was certainly a mix of traditional and Western cultures! Posted by Picasa

The Himba village we rode out 10k from Opuwo on a donkey cart to visit.  Posted by Picasa

Me with the Himba women and their babies. Posted by Picasa

Me hanging with the Hima ladies Posted by Picasa