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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Make that Monkey Dance

So I'm riding my bike around Swakopmund, feeling the wind blow through my hair, and oops! a traffic officer flags me down because I'm breaking the bike helmet rule. I was lazy and didn't put it on.

I pull over, and he immediately begins the safety lecture. I'm expecting him to respectfully let me go after a few minutes, but not to his delight. He tells me that in order for him to let me go without the N$300 fine, I must pick my bike up and hold it over my head until he says to stop. This will show him how sorry I am for riding without a helmet.

I am amused. Was he serious? To appease him, I pick the bike up about 2 inches. "NO!" The other officers standing around him say, "Up over the shoulder!"

I couldn't bring myself to this public humiliation, so I told him he'll have to settle for the 2 inches of air between the tires and the ground.

He lets me go after 5 minutes


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