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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm a lazy blogger.

Dear Friends,

I apologize immensely for not writing now for over a month. What can I say, I've been living it up as much as I can these last few months in Namibia. I've been enjoying my life so much, that to sit down and write about it is overwhelming. There are just too many stories!

For those of you who know me, I work better in list format, so I'll just do so with the highlights below:

  1. Sossusvlei - one of the most beautiful places I've ever been in my life. I'll be sure to post pictures......it was simply stunning (and FREEZING at night)
  2. being the first on the scene of a bakkie (truck) accident. No one was seriously hurt , but it was scary to think it could happen to anyone on these crazy gravel roads.
  3. Sandboarding - sorry I don't have pics of this. It's like sledding, but on sand. I - ME - PAM LOWRY went down a dune that made me go 80kilometers an hour. I almost peed in my pants it was so fast!!
  4. Camping with my friends on Gladwyn's dad's campground in the dunes (more pics to come!)
  5. Going to hear my friend Fanie and Peter's band play in Swakopmund. Man, I miss live music!!! (and also let me just say...drunk people are the same everywhere in this world, annoying.)
  6. COS (close of service) conference with my NAM25 Peace Corps group - it was actually really great to see everyone, hear how they are doing, and talk about future plans. It was a mix of touchy feely emotional time and partying. However, I'm over giving Peace Corps feedback and filling out forms.
  7. Having a going away potjiekos for my friend Jen including all 60 Mascato Youth Choir members. The night was filled with lots of food, speeches and dancing. We all rocked out in my living room til the wee hours of the night. FUN!
  8. Camel Riding yesterday with my Canadian friends Jen and Ellen. Have YOU ever ridden a camel? I didn't think so.

My pictures will most likely be out of order....sorry for that. The internet hasn't been co-operating with me when I try to post pictures of everything!

Hope everyone is doing well wherever you may be.




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