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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dolly Parton and a Taxi Ride

It always surprises me when I take a taxi around town and Kwaito is not blasting from the stereo. (Kwaito is a South African/Namibian style of beats and rap. Think casio keyboard. It's pretty catchy, but a lot of it sounds the same.) This time I was really thrown for a loop....the man was rocking out to Dolly Parton.

I sat in the leopard covered back seat simply stunned. My ears couldn't believe that this Owambo man was feeling Dolly's pain on how a man had done her wrong. Finally, I blurted out "You like Dolly Parton?!?!?" He slowly looked back at me and gave me a head nod and eyebrow wave. Yup.

As we pulled up to the Rossing Foundation in Tamaraskia, I gave the driver my N$5.50. As my hand touched his, I also gave him a nod...that he somehow understands my pain, my frustrations on how men have done me wrong. I also thought about my home in Virginia, how much I love Dolly Parton. Perhaps Dolly has helped bridge a gap between me and this Owambo taxi driver. I felt strangely connected to him. However..... he didn't seem to notice.

But thank you Dolly for feeling my pain and helping me have a moment back home in Virginia.


Blogger ulteriorvotive said...

Nice blog. I was in Senegal from 2000-2002 and Phil Collins was on the taxicab radio every day. I hear that Kenny Rogers is big in South Africa. I'm actually trying to find remixes or covers of country tunes by African artists, could you recommend any? Thanks, and don't forget to keep that MIF kit handy!

5:41 AM


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