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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm freezing.

So I thought I would post some of my thoughts that have been running through my head recently. I know I'm not a very good blogger, as I haven't really posted any written updates, only photos. For those of you who keep bugging me about it....sorry about that. I actually don't like writing on here that much. For the randoms who keep leaving comments and I don't know you....you can stop bugging me about publishing them, because I won't publish them, especially when the comments are rude and inappropriate.

Onto what's happening here.

It's flipping cold. Yes, everyone else in Namibia is sweating like a pig, but I'm stuck on the coast with my teeth chattering. Sometimes I think it isn't fair, then I travel inland and stick to everything I touch. It's a disgusting feeling. I suppose I'll just have to bundle up and deal.

I did laundry this morning. I got up super early to wash my undies by hand and hang them on the line so as to catch the 10 minutes of sun we *might* get today. Hey wait...they sun is kind of out right now. No wait, it's gone. What a tease.

There is a woman visiting the TRC right now who I've met a zillion times. Everytime we meet, she looks at me like "where do I know this girl from?" then promptly introduces herself again. She just doesn't get it! Now I just go along with it. "Nice to meet you!" Strange.

Oh, my computer is now alive and kicking again! Actually, the whole process didn't take more than 3 days, and that's including the travel time it took when I sent it to Windhoek. There was some system file corruption. No big deal, they just wiped out my hard drive and I promptly put all my files back on that I have on my external hard drive.

I've been reading all the updates on the VA Tech tragedy. It's so horrible to think about. I had many friends who went there, and I visited them on a number of occasions. My heart goes out to all the victims families and friends. It certainly is an odd feeling to open up the Namibian newspaper and see a 5 page spread all about Virginia.

Term 1 is winding down now. School closes on Friday until the end of May. I have the next week to take it easy here in Swakopmund, then I'm off to Cape Town for a few days. I am really excited and am looking forward to the break.

Life is great here!


Blogger and said...

Hi Pam,
It's so good to hear from you! The majority of us love your posts when we get them; we know you are busy. Try to ignore the haters out there. It's so strange to think of you heading into winter when we are just warming up here in Boston-- it hit about 80 degrees yesterday!! Soul spent some time relaxing on our front porch.
All my love,

3:10 PM


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