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Monday, June 19, 2006

Help! My camera is broken!

Hey there all you digital camera experts. My Canon Elph has died. It's giving me an E18 error message, which I hear is the worst kind. Plus, the lens won't retract. I think it's a 3.2 megapixel camera. Anyone have any idea what I should do? Everyone tells me here I should either pay N$2000 to send it to South Africa or just buy a new camera. No!!


Blogger imhapi said...

I called Canon (USA) and spoke to someone and they said the E18 is the error message meaning a problem with the lens. They said it is an internal problem that can only be repaired by Canon. They could not quote any repair price since they need to have the camera. They said if the camera was bought in the U.S. and is still under warranty, then you have to send it back to the U.S. for repairs. If not still under warranty or if you want to pay, you have to contact Canon-Africa. That phone number is: +27-11-265-4900. They said the problem with the lens could be a result of moisture problems like humidity, if it got wet, or dropped, etc.

Hope this info. is helpful. Sorry about your camera. You took very good pictures. If under warranty, maybe you can find someone that's coming back to the states that could bring your camera to get it fixed.

I enjoyed reading about your experiences. I pray for you and all the PCV's for your health and safety. It takes very special people to take 2 yrs. from your life to go and serve others. I've done it (not the PC but other non profits) and know what it's like to be far from home (there was no internet at that time). Stay happy and positive.

(see my other post at the group PCV photo.)

S. from Richmond, VA
July 13, 2006

3:50 PM


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