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Monday, June 12, 2006

PCV's invade Swakopmund!

I don't really know what I was thinking when I planned this past week....I scheduled my first workshop for teachers at the TRC on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, then my Spanish class in Walvis Bay, then straight onto the PCV conference for Thurs-Sat, organize for my choir to perform on Friday night, then the start of my girls club on Sunday! Luckily, everything went extremely well! My workshop was for grades 1 and 2 teachers on teaching aids. 26 teachers from the Swakopmund schools came, and they seemed very excited about sharing ideas and working together. I thought it was quite a success.

The PCV conference was focused around the threat of HIV/AIDS and what our role as a PCV is in our community. I thought it was very informative and was really excited to actually go into the schools and lead a short session. We broke up into groups and created a lesson on any life skills topic we wanted. My group was working with grade 6, so we chose to focus on decision making skills. It went really well, and we even did a few songs at the end. It was great!

Friday night, the Mascato Youth Choir performed for all the PCV's and staff. I must say, I was incredibly proud of them and excited for everyone to get a chance to see them perform. They are simply amazing.

My girls club started up yesterday at the high school where I live. I didn't know how many to expect, and 22 showed up ready to laugh, talk, and sing! I am really excited to see where this leads. I can already tell they are eager to find answers to the challenges life hands you as a teenager. Also, they have incredible voices, so we'll be doing lots of singing!

There's a lot going on here in Swakopmund, and it's all worth it!


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